Etiquette is committed to the production of safe, legal and high quality self adhesive labels. To this end, detailed specifications are agreed with laminate suppliers, ensuring that appropriate products can be selected to produce the right labels for our customers, based on the information that our customers supply to us.

All Etiquette suppliers comply with the provisions of the Packaging (Essential Requirements) 2015 Regulations. We can thus guarantee to produce our customers’ labels to a safe and legal standard.

Unless specifically requested to the contrary by a customer, none of our laminates include any post-consumer recycled materials. It is our customers responsibility to ensure that all local, legal Codes of Practice are adhered to when specifying labels for export.

Detailed storage information can be found on carton labels for each delivery.


Customers should also be aware that the composition of certain adhesives changes over time. Most labels have a shelf life that expires after 12 months and is dependent upon correct storage of our product.

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Etiquette Declaration of Compliance.